Date: 12th January 2001

Calista Flockhart Watched Her Adopted Baby Being Born

ALLY McBEAL star CALISTA FLOCKHART spent the last few hours of 2000 in a hospital delivery room watching her adopted baby son being born. The super-slim TV star, who secretly adopted the baby boy on New Year's Eve (31DEC00), had become such good friends with the mother, a medical technician, that she invited Flockhart into the room to see the child - her fifth - being born.

And nurses present for the birth say they've never seen any mother look so thrilled at the arrival of their child. One nurse says, "She was glowing with happiness. As Calista took that baby boy in her arms I felt the love that came from her heart." Speaking on the subject for the first time today (11JAN01) Flockhart says, "I have always wanted to adopt a child and I am overjoyed that I have been blessed with a beat and healthy son. I am completely enchanted and awestruck." And she adds she plans to bring her son, who is as yet unnamed, to a childcare centre on the set of Ally McBeal, saying, "I feel extremely fortunate and grateful that I work for such a supportive company that offers a wonderful child care facility that will enable me to spend time with my son while I'm working.

And pals say the star, who has been linked to comedian GARRY SHANDLING, hasn't ruled out the possibility of getting pregnant and giving birth to her own child one day. One pal says, "
Calista loves kids and plans to have more. "Someday she'd love to get pregnant. But she doesn't have a man in her life at the moment, so she decided to adopt." (LE/NE&WNV/CPT)

Source: WENN