Date: 11th January 2001

Sigourney Weaver To Revisit Her Gorillas In The Mist

SIGOURNEY WEAVER has a new year's resolution - to return to Rwanda and visit her primate co-stars from GORILLAS IN THE MIST.

Weaver was nominated for an Oscar for her portrayal of anthropologist DIAN FOSSEY, who attempted to stop the decimation of the endangered apes, in the 1988 movie. But the actress was unable to return to the site of filming for over a decade because of the dangerous state of the country since the 1991 civil war. But now the areas around the gorilla habitats are returning to relative peace, and Weaver, who has spent the last decade working tirelessly for the primates with the DIAN FOSSEY INTERNATIONAL FUND, is keen to retrace the steps she took during filming.

CLARE RICHARDSON, President of the fund, says, "Sigourney expressed interest in going back in December (00). We're discussing the details at the moment." And the fund, which also numbers JOHN TRAVOLTA, CHRISTIAN BALE and ISABELLA ROSSILINI among its supporters, is trying to encourage Weaver to film a documentary of her visit for them.

Richardson adds, "I think there's no doubt Sigourney would want to revisit Dian and the Gorilla's graves and to see some of the people who she filmed with and who still work there. "There's still quite a story to be told out there, the rebuilding efforts in Rwanda, and we'd love Sigourney to make a documentary. She's a huge supporter of the fund and has always been very generous with h er time, money and energy." (LE/WN/CPT)

Source: WENN



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