Date: 10th January 2001

Kylie Minogue Loses Her Tongue In Horror Movie

KYLIE MINOGUE is to have her tongue cut out and be left to die - in a gruesome horror movie.

The pint-sized singer and actress plays a student film-maker in new Australian film CUT - which will be released straight to video next month (FEB01) - and, in a flashback scene, is attacked by her psychotic boyfriend in true slasher style. Minogue recalls, "I was doing the screams and muffled noises and looking at my tongue lying on the table.

The next day I went to my singing coach. We were doing warm-up exercises and my coach said 'It's really strange, your tongue isn't doing what it's meant to do.' "
I realised that the day before I'd been watching my tongue being pulled out. My brain must have absorbed this and thought my tongue wasn't there anymore, and stopped me being able to use it properly." (NMD/HET/KW)

Source: WENN



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