Date: 9th January 2001

Howard Stern's Animated Series is Shelved

Plans by UPN to air Doomsday, an animated series produced by Howard Stern, may be doomed, given UPN chief Dean Valentine's comments Monday about the show. Valentine told the New York Daily News that the first group of writers who worked on the script about life in post-apocalyptic America turned in a "decent" script, "but it wasn't great and if you do this kind of show, a show about the aftermath of nuclear war, it has got to be great. And it's got to be incredibly funny, and it just fell short." Valentine acknowledged that his comments reflected "the typical development executive exhaustion and frustration" of not seeing the ideas for the show gel on the printed page. "I'd like it to work, but you can't put it on if it's not great."

Source: Studio Briefing