Date: 9th January 2001

Lara Flynn Boyle Steals From The American President

LARA FLYNN BOYLE will always remember her millennium eve with JACK NICHOLSON at the White House - because she stole some trophies from the Presidential bathroom.

Boyle brushed shoulders with stars including ELIZABETH TAYLOR and SOPHIA LOREN at the swanky party held by PRESIDENT BILL CLINTON. But not even New Year at the White House could keep Flynn Boyle under control.

She says, "They had a toothbrush holder that held like 20 brushes, that had THE WHITE HOUSE written on it. I took all the brushes out. Cleaned out my evening bag. Put it in. "And there was a little plastic plaque on a telephone that said PRIVATE LINE next to a red button. I took that." (SVD/VF/KW)

Source: WENN



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