Date: 9th January 2001

Catherine Zeta Jones's Fat Baby

Hollywood stars CATHERINE ZETA JONES and MICHAEL DOUGLAS have given birth to a fat baby - they say that DYLAN is decidedly on the chubby side.

The svelte Welsh actress says four-month-old Dylan is already piling on the pounds, and seems to grow every day. Jones says, "He's got about four pounds on each cheek, and he's got the Douglas dimple. He has his grandfather's - we call him Pappy - dimple."

Although the MASK OF ZORRO star likes her baby the way he is, she admits she was horrified at how large she grew during the pregnancy. She says, "I was like 180 pounds. Huge. It takes some time to get it off, but there's nothing like a wedding to get a bride in shape." (LE/WNV/PDD)

Source: WENN