Date: 8th January 2001

Michael and Cath to Star In Holiday TV Show

Not content with filming a movie together, newlyweds MICHAEL DOUGLAS and CATHERINE ZETA JONES are to star in a British holiday television programme.

The BASIC INSTINCT star and his Welsh bride will appear in an episode of WISH YOU WERE HERE, promoting the island of Bermuda. Michael's mother DIANA DILL was born on the tropical island, and the celebrity couple plan to buy a 2.5million ($3.78m) home there for weekend getaways.

Tourism boss IAN PARKER says, "It's a prize interview for the programme and for Bermuda. Wish You Were Here is keeping everything under tight wraps - except they have let on he's saying very positive things about Bermuda. "It's a real coup." (NFA/WNTMI/PDD)

Source: WENN



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