Date: 8th January 2001

Kate Hudson Ignores Jennifer Love Hewitt

Hollywood starlet JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT is still reeling from the embarrassment of the night KATE HUDSON flatly ignored her.

Hewitt had starred alongside Hudson in an episode of PARTY OF FIVE about five years ago, so when they ran into each other at the premiere of Hudson's movie ALMOST FAMOUS, Hewitt thought she might remember her. It was an assumption she now greatly regrets.

She says, "She was standing ordering a drink and she turned round, smiled and waved, and I thought she was waving at me, so I started gushing, 'Hi! Oh my God, you were so good.' "But she started walking off towards my right and I realized she was talking to the person behind me. "I was looking at the guy serving drinks and just continued my conversation with him so he wouldn't tell people that Kate Hudson had completely dissed me." (SVD/ML/MCM)

Source: WENN