Date: 8th January 2001

Stroppy Lopez Demands Seven Dressing Rooms

Stroppy Latino diva JENNIFER LOPEZ has outraged British television bosses by refusing to perform on a show until they agreed to her crazy list of demands - including seven dressing rooms.

The notoriously difficult star, 30, was due to appear on INDEPENDENT TELEVISION's CD:UK programme, but wouldn't perform her new single LOVE DON'T COST A THING unless seven rooms were set aside for her - each of which had to be filled with "calming" white flowers. There were not enough rooms backstage to accommodate Lopez and her 60-strong entourage, so other guests had to be quickly hustled out of their dressing rooms so the flowers could be delivered and she could take up residence.

A show insider says, "It is the biggest number of dressing rooms anyone has demanded in the show's history. But no-one was particularly surprised by what she wanted. Her tantrums are known worldwide. "When bands such as WESTLIFE, 5IVE and ATOMIC KITTEN come on, they only ask for one dressing room. "Bigger acts with lots of backing singers may be given two, but never seven." (NFA/WNTST/PDD)

Source: WENN