Date: 7th January 2001

Zeta-Jones Looking For A New Man

Newly-wed CATHERINE ZETA JONES is looking for a new man - to play the lead in her upcoming movie AMERICAN SWEETHEARTS.

The romantic comedy was to have starred drug-addled ROBERT DOWNEY Jnr, whose personal problems have lead to his being dropped from the project. The film is about the sordid personal lives of a bunch of movie stars, played by JULIA ROBERTS, BILLY CRYSTAL, JOHN CUSACK and the Welsh super-babe, with Downey Jnr. to have played her Spanish lover.

The new Mrs MICHAEL DOUGLAS reveals, "It's difficult for us all, when somebody's going through problems, to have to stop and say 'What about our little movie?' It becomes a little superficial." (TM/WNSEX/KW)

Source: WENN



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