Date: 5th January 2001

The P.J's To Be Stubbed Out?

The future of EDDIE MURPHY's wise-cracking cartoon series THE PJ'S is in jeopardy - because it "makes no economic sense".

The critically-acclaimed show revolves around THURGOOD STUBBS, a HOMER SIMPSON-like housing project superintendent - voiced by Murphy - his long-suffering wife and their fellow residents. WARNER BROTHERS TELEVISION has opted against making any more episodes of the show - the only prime time cartoon on American TV to feature a minority cast - because it costs too much.

IMAGINE TV, who created the show, are desperate to find a way to save the PJs. President TONY KRANTZ says, "It's a jump ball. I was trained at the CREATIVE ARTISTS AGENCY to always move forward and never let anything die. But I also think it's a wonderful show. "It's one of the rare, funny groundbreaking comedies that also has something to say about life in the projects." (NFA/WNWR/RGS)

Source: WENN