Date: 5th January 2001

Anna Nicole Smith: Pierce Just Adores Me

Multi-millionairess ANNA NICOLE SMITH has uncovered the reason for her constant court battles with her late husband's son - she claims her former stepson is in love with her.

The busty ex-stripper was celebrating yesterday (04JAN01) after a California court upheld a ruling that half of her late 90-year- old husband's fortune should go to her. The 33-year-old glamour model was awarded $475 million (316.6 million) of Texan billionaire J HOWARD MARSHALL's wealth in September (00), after a court ruled she had been wrongly deprived of her share.

Marshall's son PIERCE appealed against the ruling, claiming Smith took advantage of a sick old man, but his plea was rejected. Smith says, "I think it would be simpler if Pierce would just have let it go. I think my husband would be very proud right now."

Pierce has, however, issued a subpoena demanding Smith stay in Texas, about which she jokes, "I think Pierce maybe has a little fetish for me, maybe he's in love with me, maybe that's it. "I've won my case, if he wants to see me everyday I'll be here smiling." (LE/WNV/RGS)

Source: WENN