Date: 5th January 2001

Jennifer Willing To Be Jailed's Bird

JENNIFER LOPEZ has vowed to stay faithful to PUFF DADDY even if he goes to jail.

The sexy Latino actress and singer , who reckons her dream date would be spending the whole day in bed with her wildman, is standing by the hip-hop star regardless of the consequences.

Puffy, real name SEAN COMBS, stands accused of illegal possession of a firearm following a New York nightclub shooting. If found guilty in his trial, which begins next Monday (8JAN01), he faces a jail sentence of up to 15 years. But Jennifer insists, "I'm faithful, but I don't think tons of people are. Monogamy is taken very lightly - and that's one of the things that is most wrong with our society." And she says she'd have no qualms about dumping her troubled lover if he fooled around with another woman. (KW/WNTST)

Source: WENN



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