Date: 4th January 2001

TV Con Queso

Kids entertainment-and-pizza restaurant Chuck E. Cheese has produced a commercial partly in Spanish that is scheduled to begin a run on Nickelodeon Channel on Sunday.

The spot will air during an episode of The Brothers Garcia, a show that also contains sprinklings of Spanish in the dialogue. In an interview with today's (Thursday) New York Times, Jon Rice, vice president for marketing at Chuck E. Cheese, commented: "We felt from our research that the children living in Spanish-speaking homes were in fact actually very bilingual and relate very well to these programs. ... This is something that was new and not really available on any other network."

CORRECTION: The producer of the Survivor series is Mark Burnett. In Wednesday's edition we incorrectly identified him as Rob Burnett (who produces Late Night with David Letterman and Ed).

Source: Studio Briefing