Date: 4th January 2001

Helen Hunt Loved Smokey Snogs With Mel

Blonde actress HELEN HUNT just can't get enough of smooching with MEL GIBSON - despite his smoky breath.

The AS GOOD AS IT GETS reckons Mel is the best snogger around, even though he smoked between takes when they made out for their roles in WHAT WOMEN WANT. She sighs, "Was it tough kissing Mel after he'd just smoked a cigarette? No. Who cares? A little thing like that can't make Mel Gibson a bad kisser! No, it was a pleasure. "He's certainly a fantastic kisser in my opinion. For him? I don't know. He may have been looking at his watch every five minutes. Mel is very perceptive about women. I found him open and willing to listen and curious. That's a very sexy quality, if someone's curious and really wants to know what you think. "He's the greatest guy in the world." (KW/WNTEX/PDD)

Source: WENN



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