Date: 3rd January 2001

Vinnie Fights To Save Hospital

Actor VINNIE JONES is battling to save a British hospital from being closed - because his wife was treated there.

The GONE IN SIXTY SECONDS star is backing campaigners to prevent HAREFIELD HOSPITAL, Hillingdon, London, from being replaced as part of a new 300 million ($450m) "super hospital".

Jones's 35-year-old wife, TANYA, had a life-saving heart transplant at Harefield 14 years ago. The former soccer player donated the 30,000 ($45,000) fee from his acting debut in the hit film LOCK, STOCK AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS, to the hospital.

More than 200 signatures, including pioneering heart transplant surgeon SIR MAGDI YACOUB, have been collected by the campaign.

Supporters claim the proposed new hospital will be inaccessible for hundreds of patients returning for vital check-ups.


Source: WENN