Date: 5th September 2000

Will Regis Land A Permanent Co-host?

Although audience response to the rotating co-hosts on Live With Regis has been good, a permanent co-host will eventually be chosen, exec producer Michael Gelman told today's (Tuesday) New York Daily News. "We're still thinking we want a co-host," Gelman said, adding, "We haven't said we're going to do the rotating-host format. People happen to be loving it. But I don't know if that in two years from now people will want a little more stability in that area."

Ratings for the show have been "fantastic," Gelman told the Daily News. The newspaper suggested that they may rise even higher on Friday when Philbin's co-host will be his wife, Joy, who will be making her first appearance on the show since the National Enquirer published allegations of an extramarital affair between Philbin and a former cheerleading coach.

Source: Studio Briefing