Date: 3rd January 2001

Steven Spielberg Loves Elle Macpherson Lesbian Scene

Screen beauties ELLE MACPHERSON and KATE CAPSHAW hated kissing each other when they played lesbians in their new movie - although Capshaw's hubby STEVEN SPIELBERG loved it.

The supermodel teams up with Capshaw in A GIRL THING, a film made especially for American television. Capshaw admits the idea of making out with a woman was a real turn-on for her soon-to-be-knighted husband.

She says, "I don't know one man that is not completely titillated by the idea of two women making out. "I felt a little hyperventilated about it, but I thought I was in very good hands. I don't think I'm brave but it's a great role."

Macpherson admits, "
I was very concerned about the way it was going to be shot."


Source: WENN



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