Date: 2nd January 2001

Critics Pick Best And Woorst TV Shows

TV critics have voted The West Wing the best show of 1999 and the recently canceled The Michael Richards Show, the worst. The survey, conducted by Electronic Media magazine, also ranked the David Letterman-produced Ed as the best new show and the poorly rated An American Tragedy, a docudrama about the O.J. Simpson case, the best miniseries, movie or special. The year's best regular shows, according to the critics:

1. The West Wing (NBC); 2. Malcolm in the Middle (Fox); 3. Ed (NBC); 4. The Gilmore Girls (WB); 5. Law & Order (NBC); 6. Buffy the Vampire Slayer (WB); 7. The Simpsons (Fox); 8. Once and Again (ABC); 9. Will & Grace (NBC); 10. Sex and the City (HBO). The year's worst: 1. The Michael Richards Show (NBC); 2. Tucker (NBC); 3. Yes, Dear (CBS); 4. Normal, Ohio (Fox); 5. The Trouble with Normal (ABC); 6. Geena (ABC); 7. Titans (NBC); 8. Cursed (NBC); 9. Dr. Laura (Syndicated); 10. Jackass (MTV).

Source: Studio Briefing