Date: 24th December 2000

Coffee-Guzzling Calista's Collapse

Friends of ALLY McBEAL star CALISTA FLOCKHART are begging the actress to quit guzzling coffee, eat more and get back to her fitness regime after her collapse on the set of the show (13DEC00).

Worried pals claim the actress has allowed the stress of falling ratings to affect her, and she has quit her healthy routine of the summer (00), when she was actually gaining weight and looking and feeling great.

According to production sources on the set, Calista now weighs just 44.5 kilograms (98 pounds) and has literally stopped eating, choosing to drink strong coffee all day instead. One set insider says, "She fell like straw in the wind and then made light of the collapse when she came round, blaming it on the flu - but we all know Calista's body had given out on her."


Source: WENN