Date: 24th December 2000

Neeson Keeps Santa Claus Real For His Kids

LIAM NEESON takes his most important role of the year on 24 December - as SANTA CLAUS in his back garden.

The actor, usually seen in serious roles, loves to dress up as Father Christmas so his children believe the big man exists - even if he ends up looking ridiculous in the outfit.

Neeson explains, "I do this dress-up of Santa, who comes on Christmas Eve at dusk. I act like I am doing a reccie of the house before I come down the chimney, and we make sure the kids notice me creeping around outside. "I let them spot me and get excited - it certainly helps to get them to bed that night. It has become something of a tradition in the family. So far they have loved it because they are still young, four and five, and having seen him definitely believe in Santa Claus."


Source: WENN