Date: 24th December 2000

Tragic Kirsty Died To Save Son

Singer KIRSTY MACCOLL sacrificed her life to save her elder son from being hurt by the motor boat that killed her.

The shocking truth of Kirsty's tragic death came to light when sons JAMIE, 17, and LOUIS, 15, testified to police in the wake of the accident (19DEC00), which happened off an island in Mexico.

The 41-year-old star pushed Jamie out of the way just seconds before the boat ran over them. She died instantly from massive chest injuries when she was hit by the boat's propellers.

Jamie explained, "I could make out my mother and she seemed to be motioning and pushing me away from her side as I glanced through my mask. "The next thing I can remember is feeling something glance off the side of my shoulder, body and elbow. "I started to call out to our boat for help and to come and pick us out of the water. Suddenly I could hear shouts coming from all around, and my mother's body seemed to be just floating in the water - I still didn't know what happened to her."


Source: WENN