Date: 23rd December 2000

Madonna's Tears Of Joy

Sexy singer MADONNA wept last night (22DEC00) as she took her wedding vows in front of family and friends at SKIBO CASTLE.

And the new Mrs GUY RITCHIE later told her closest friends that she now considers herself an honorary Scot after her fairytale wedding in the Highlands. She and husband Guy led the dancing at a ceilidh after a wedding meal of haggis, neeps and tatties.

And the stars invited to Skibo kept the Scottish theme throughout the night with singer Sting wearing a kilt in the same tartan as the groom. One guest says, "The service was all the more moving because they had taken time out to write the words themselves. It obviously meant a lot to them and they looked very natural together."

Madonna cried as she spoke of her love for Ritchie when she took to her feet after the meal. The multi-millionairess affectionately stroked Guy's hair as he sat by her side.

Meanwhile, Skibo's resident piano player TALITHA ROSS revealed she had played for Madonna at the castle. The 20-year-old says, "I was so honoured to play for Madonna. She asked me to play one of her favourite pieces of music which was COLE PORTER's I'VE GOT YOU UNDER MY SKIN - which fortunately I knew."


Source: WENN



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