Date: 23rd December 2000

Madonna's Diamond Wedding Bracelet

Pop star MADONNA borrowed a $75,000 (49,000) diamond bracelet from a London jewellers to wear at her wedding last night (22DEC00).

Designer STELLA MCCARTNEY, who created her wedding dress, picked it to complement the gothic-style gown. The French filigree cuff bracelet is at least 90 years old and was snapped up from top jewellers MOIRA in London's chic New Bond Street.

SUSY LAUDER, a family member of the business, says, "Madonna seemed excited but it was Stella who decided that the bracelet was in keeping with the look she wanted to create." Her colleague MOIRA COHEN adds, "I have always admired Madonna and I was not surprised to find that she is knowledgeable and appreciative of both antique and modern jewellery."


Source: WENN



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