Date: 29th December 2000

Diana's Terror Ride On The Eve Of Her Death

PRINCESS DIANA went on a terror car ride with boyfriend DODI FAYED the day before her death - and ordered his chauffeur to step on it when the tragic royal begged him to slow down.

According to American publication THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER Royal security guard BEN MURRELL reveals Dodi's driver PHILLIP DORNEAU told him Diana was genuinely frightened, afraid "there would be a crash" after he returned from the Mercedes ride at 160 kilometres per hour (100 miles per hour) through heavy traffic.

Murrell, head of security at a villa once owned by the DUKE and DUCHESS OF WINDSOR outside Paris, where Dodi took Diana on August 30, 1997, says, "Diana was angry and scared and, by the time they arrived at the villa, flustered and red-faced."


Source: WENN



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