Date: 29th December 2000

Shyamalan: Unbreakable "Not A Sequel To Sixth Sense"

The director of UNBREAKABLE has warned fans not to expect a sequel to THE SIXTH SENSE.

M NIGHT SHYAMALAN has teamed up again with BRUCE WILLIS for the film says that although there are similarities with his hit movie, fans shouldn't raise their expectations of a 'sequel'. He says, "I had the idea while we were finishing The Sixth Sense. "So there was a kind of symbiotic thing going on between the two ideas and the two films, and they were very close together, so that's why they were very similar in feeling. "People are bringing a lot of baggage from The Sixth Sense into this movie - they're not viewing it as a separate movie, they're viewing it as a continuation of the last movie. "I'm definitely not the kind of guy who wants to do sequels, and just be known for one type of movie. I want to make each movie very, very original."


Source: WENN



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