Date: 30th December 2000

OJ Simpson Sick New Movie

OJ SIMPSON has signed up to play a psychotic serial killer in a triple X-rated new movie that's a virtual re-enactment of the murder of his wife NICOLE.

The fallen former athlete and actor will pick up $1.5 million (1 million) for the straight-to-video movie, which will be funded by an Asian business consortium.

The film, which will shoot in the Bahamas and Florida in February (01), will also feature Simpson's current girlfriend CHRISTY PRODY - as a cop on the hunt for OJ's character.

In one scene, Simpson slices up an attractive model and then brutally kills a jogger who tries to save her. One movie source says, "It's uncannily like what happened in the real-life murder of Nicole in 1994, when her friend RON GOLDMAN was killed by the attacker. "Simpson will be seen smooching with girls and giving them date- rape drugs before having sex with them."

The NAKED GUN star was acquitted of killing Nicole and Goldman in 1994, but was later found liable for the deaths in a civil trial.


Source: WENN