Date: 31st December 2000

Lover Of Bob Hope Commits Suicide

A former MISS WORLD who claimed she was legendary comic BOB HOPE secret lover for 30 years has committed suicide.

ROSEMARIE FRANKLAND, 57, was found in her bedroom with an empty bottle of pills in her hand. Friends say she never recovered after Hope ignored her and stopped payments he had been making to her three years ago (97). In a teary chat with a friend before her death, Frankland reportedly said she didn't think life was worth living anymore.

The former model also worked as Hope's personal secretary for some time after his bid to get her acting work fell through. A pal says, "She couldn't type and her spelling was atrocious. But Hope was the only man she truly loved. Over the years he spent a fortune on her, supporting her and giving her gifts."


Source: WENN



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