Date: 31st December 2000

Zellweger Determined To Stay Friends With Carrey's Kid

RENEE ZELLWEGER is refusing to let her break-up with boyfriend JIM CARREY wreck her friendship with his teenage daughter JANE.

The 13-year-old, Carrey's only child from his first marriage to MELISSA WOMER, and the actress became firm pals during the couple's year-long romance - and Zellweger is determined to keep in touch with the girl she hoped would one day call her step-mum.

Carrey and Zellweger split earlier this month (DEC00) when she demanded he name a date when the two would be wed. A pal says, "Renee has called Jane several times and has even sent her over Christmas surprises - outfits and CDs - for under the tree."


Source: WENN