Date: 31st December 2000

Clooney's Ex: Don't Mention Marriage Or Commitment

GEORGE CLOONEY'S ex-lover has warned his new flame never to ask for marriage or commitment from the Hollywood star - because the relationship will be over in an instant.

Kimberly's romance with the film superstar lasted three years, and she was left with a broken heart when she was replaced by 25- year-old model LISA SNOWDON. She says,"Just enjoy the love affair while it lasts - and guard your heart. Eventually, a woman finds that George simply ain't the marrying kind." Kimberly predicts there will have been flowers and gifts and love notes too. It was exactly how he flattered and wooed her in the beginning.

She adds, "That's how it starts with George, he sweeps you off your feet and romances the hell out of you. It's as though you are the only woman in the world worthy of his affections - and it's one glorious high. But don't mention the words 'marriage, commitment or babies' because that's the end of the line. "We'd been together for over three years and I wanted a family. I wanted us to be man and wife. But there was no hope of pinning him down. "He had one busted marriage already, and he told me flat out it was never going to happen again. If Lisa Snowdon has any thoughts of getting him down the aisle, she better forget them quick."


Source: WENN