Date: 2nd January 2001

Friends Are Really Foes

The stars of hit TV series FRIENDS are loathed by the people who help produce the show according to America's NATIONAL ENQUIRER.

A show insider says despite the stars $750,000 per episode pay packets, they still behave badly. The source explains, "The three friends everyone hates are LISA KUDROW, JENNIFER ANISTON and DAVID SCHWIMMER. Everyone gets along with the other three."

He says Schwimmer is a control freak whose stardom has "gone to his head" and that Aniston is terrible at remembering her lines while constantly interrupting to suggest her own ideas. But he adds, "Of all the actors on the show, Lisa is the most unlike her character. She's not a flowery hippie chick. She can be mean and nasty. "Once she called a script 'cr*p' right in front of 12 writers who'd stayed up half the night writing it."


Source: WENN



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