Date: 28th December 2000

Julia's Ben Is Desperate To Gain Weight

JULIA ROBERTS' boyfriend BENJAMIN BRATT is desperately trying to pile the pounds back on after playing junkie playwright MIGUEL PINERO.

The RED PLANET star found it easy losing weight for the harrowing role - he just stopped going to the gym - but now he's sick of looking like a beanpole. He says, "I went from 185 pounds (83 kilograms) to 170 (77 kilograms). I had to stop going to gym and continue to eat everything I usually eat. I lost 15 pounds (6.8 kilograms) that way. "Since I was a kid I've been accused of having worms or some other creature living inside of me because of the way I put food away I never gained weight. "When I was a kid in high school they used to call me 'Scarecrow' because I was so gangly and skinny. Since the film, I've had to go back into the gym and try to put muscle on. That's my struggle."

Bratt is hoping his family's traditional Christmas delicacies will help. He adds, "I love this strawberry rhubarb cake my mother makes and we also have this other desert - a yellow cake with chocolate frosting. You get whipped cream and fold a can of pineapple chunks into the whipped cream, and dollop it on the cake. Delicious."


Source: WENN



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