Date: 27th December 2000

Bullock Fine After Plane Crash

LATEST: Sexy actress SANDRA BULLOCK says she prayed as her plane crashlanded in a blizzard at Jackson Hole Airport.

Bullock, the star of SPEED and the current MISS CONGENIALITY, was en route from her home in Austin, Texas, when the twin-engine jet slid into a snowbank Wednesday (20DE00), damaging the nose and a wing.

During the harrowing moments, Bullock told DAILY VARIETY: "We prayed that the plane wouldn't explode." Bullock, her friend Bob Schneider and the plane's two crew members were not seriously hurt. They climbed out and found the airport empty.

The jet was so mangled it took three hours to move to a storage site. Authorities said blizzard conditions and a high cross wind made landing difficult at the airport in northwestern Wyoming. Despite the ordeal, Bullock said she's feeling fine: "Maybe just a little whiplash."


Source: WENN