Date: 22nd December 2000

Clooney's Christmas Revenge

GEORGE CLOONEY's favourite Christmas was his neighbour's worst - because he chopped down his tree. The actor cut the tree down after his neighbour shot the family pet - and admits vengeance was very sweet.

Clooney says, "We had a dog that got into a neighbour's yard, and the neighbour shot the dog. It didn't kill him, but it got him good. "Well, this guy had a perfect house with a white fence, and everything was pristine. It had one tree in the front yard - a 15-foot evergreen. I snuck into his yard in the middle of the night with a bow saw, cut it down and used it as our Christmas tree that year. I always thought that was sort of a good Christmas." (KL/WNWC/KW)

Source: WENN