Date: 5th September 2000

Ben Stiller To Produce, Direct Film

Stunning Russian actress MILLA JOVOVICH will star opposite BEN STILLER in ZOOLANDER, which Stiller will direct and produce through his RED HOUR FILMS along with Paramount-based producer SCOTT RUDIN.

The production is scheduled to start next month (OCT00). Based on a character Stiller co-created with DRAKE SATHER for the VH1 Fashion Awards, Zoolander centers on DEREK ZOOLANDER (Stiller), a clueless fashion supermodel at the end of his career who is brainwashed to kill the president of Malaysia. OWEN WILSON also stars, playing Zoolander's nemesis, a handsome blond model who is heir to the fashion throne that Zoolander once held. Jovovich will play KATINKA, a dominatrix-like character who is responsible for recruiting, training and brainwashing the male models, including


Source: WENN