Date: 21st December 2000

Benjamin Bratt and Julia Roberts Live Like The Tabloids

Movie star couple BENJAMIN BRATT and JULIA ROBERTS have become so fed up with seeing vicious rumours in the tabloids about their relationship, that they've decided to live their lives according to the latest gossip.

Bratt describes, "The obvious drawback is rumours and speculation and meanness that's perpetrated in the media. But it's also outrageous enough that it's become ridiculous and it's quite easy to have a laugh about it. "So we have decided to live our lives according to what the latest tabloid headline is!

Last week we were engaged and this week we are broken up and next week she will be abducted by aliens and the following week we will marry and she will give birth to an alien child! We try to keep it light."

The star of THE NEXT BEST THING describes how they keep their relationship successful despite the obstacles. He says, "
There's a bit in understanding with spending your time with someone who shares the same profession. There's an empathy that exists. In particular to acting that is required because there's a lot of time spent away from each other. It takes a pretty special person to be able to accept that, understand it and be able to roll with it. We accept it about our lives and we just try to make it work." (RXM/WN/PDD)

Source: WENN