Date: 20th December 2000

Hugh's Too Boring For Liz

Actor HUGH GRANT has revealed the secret behind his split from LIZ HURLEY - he was just too dull for her.

The NOTTING HILL star and his AUSTIN POWERS girlfriend ended their 13-year relationship earlier this year (MAY00) amid a flood of speculation - but candid Hugh has finally explained the reason for the break.

He says, "Basically my life is so boring, it's embarrassing. I would love to be a jet-setter, flying off to parties in New York and Monte Carlo. Obviously I was simply too dull for Liz." And the foppish actor also reveals he doesn't intend to act forever - age will definitely put a stop to his career.

He says, "Believe me when I say I have no ambition to have my face in front of the camera when I'm 50 or 60. I hope to do something better with my life someday."


Source: WENN



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