Date: 19th December 2000

Meg Ryan's Secret Hell

MEG RYAN is ready to break her silence and tell the world about how she and new lover RUSSELL CROWE met and fell in love - after months of avoiding the subject.

The self-conscious superstar admits it's tough not to answer questions about the relationship which means so much to her. But she has agreed with estranged husband DENNIS QUAID not to talk about the break-up of her marriage.

The SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE actress insists meeting Crowe had nothing to do with the end of her marriage. She says, "I definitely have moments of wanting to straighten it all out and tell everyone what really went down." "Sometimes I have difficulty just wanting to get out from underneath the bed covers in the morning." And Ryan admits she's forever concerned about what all the media speculation is doing to her eight-year-old son JACK.

She adds, "I do worry. Jack is in a situation that neither Dennis nor I can really relate to - I mean he's the son of famous people." (KL/WNV/CPT)

Source: WENN



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