Date: 18th December 2000

Mel Gibson Tops American Box Office

Actor MEL GIBSON's new film, WHAT WOMEN WANT, has knocked THE GRINCH off the top of the American box office charts.

The romantic comedy, in which Gibson is able to hear women's thoughts, made $34.3 million (22.8 million) over the weekend (16/17DEC00).

It is the largest amount a film starring Gibson has taken in its first weekend on release. It will also be the biggest December opening on record, beating the previous top film SCREAM 2 - and even TITANIC, which only made $28.6 million (19 million) in its first weekend on release. Teen comedy, DUDE, WHERE'S MY CAR took second place with $14 million (9.3 million). The Grinch fell to third with $13 million (8.6 million). (RGS/WNWCAN/CPT)

Source: WENN