Date: 18th December 2000

Leo's Look At Cheeky Snaps Of Diaz

Being the man in the life of super-model GISELE just isn't enough for TITANIC star LEONARDO DiCAPRIO.

The greedy star was spotted ogling his THE GANGS OF NEW YORK co- star CAMERON DIAZ in a saucy magazine during a break in filming in Rome, Italy. Despite the picture of Gisele's rear on the cover of the mag, Leo flipped straight through to a naked centrefold of Cameron. "Boy did he look," said a passer-by in Rome, where he is shooting the MARTIN SCORSESE flick.

However it turned out Leo wasn't getting the genuine article - a local pointed out that the small print by the photo explained it was just a photo of Cameron's head grafted on to the body of a pornography star. (KAB/WNSNE/CPT)

Source: WENN



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