Date: 4th September 2000

Clooney In Naked EarthQuake Terror

Hollywood hunk GEORGE CLOONEY was so frightened by a recent Californian earthquake that it sent him running into the streets naked.

The former ER star, who plays a tough ship captain in THE PERFECT STORM, lost all of his heroic instincts when he heard the earthquake near his home in Century City, California last year (99).

Clooney recalls, "It was a beauty and it scared the s**t out of
me. I came running out of the house naked with my pig, MAX - he was naked too.

And my buddy BEN, who was in the guesthouse down below, came running out naked with a gun, because he thought someone was breaking in. And we were hiding in the lattice-work at the front of the house.

"So were are naked, like this, and my biggest fear was that we
would end up getting killed and they would find two naked guys, a pig and a gun. It would have been the end of my career even if I'd survived, because it would have been on one of those entertainment cable channels - 'True Hollywood Stories!' or something. Horrifying!"

Source: WENN