Date: 16th December 2000

Willem Dafoe's Funny Shaped Head

American actor WILLEM DAFOE has made a shocking discovery - he has a funny shaped head.

The ENGLISH PATIENT actor, who stars as a VAMPIRE in E.ELIAS MERHIGE's SHADOW OF THE VAMPIRE, had to spend a gruelling three hours a day in makeup getting into character.

But Dafoe says he was disappointed to find his head shape wasn't deemed up to standard for a screen Vampire. He says, "They wanted a particular kind of shape.

My head was rejected because of this little flat spot back here so they decided to go with this perfect egg shape they moulded on with a skull cap."
And Dafoe, who adds he was always on set hours before his co- stars, used the time to get into character by seeing his Vampire appear before him in the mirror.

He says, "I'd just sit in the chair and stare at the image and it became really a good preparation for the day because in a very concrete way, I'd see myself recede and the character come forward as this stuff was put on."


Source: WENN