Date: 16th December 2000

Sad Year For Gwyneth

SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE star GWYNETH PALTROW admits that the high point in her film career so far coincided with one of the worst points in her personal life.

In 1999 she won an emotional BEST ACTRESS OSCAR - but in that same year her ex-boyfriend BRAD PITT began dating TV actress JENNIFER ANISTON - and she leaned that both her grandfather and father had cancer.

She says, "I was, like, out of myself for quite a while. I was really undone by a number of things that had gone on in my life. "It was quite difficult, you know, and I'm glad that I'm through that patch because there were a few bad years for me."

She adds, "
All that stuff really isn't important. It's really nice to earn a good living and win awards but, when your Grandpa dies right after it happens, you're just like, 'I'd give it back if I could still have my Grandpa.'"


Source: WENN



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