Date: 16th December 2000

Jack And Lara In Wild Hotel Fight

JACK NICHOLSON's lover LARA FLYNN BOYLE was thrown out a posh hotel after trashing the pair's luxurious suite. The pair, who had just returned from a classy black-tie gala at THE WHITE HOUSE, were questioned by hotel security at 2.30am in room 678 of the ritzy $650 (400)-a-night MAYFLOWER HOTEL in Washington D.C. after guards received numerous complaints about the disorderly lovers.

Concerned guests told staffers they heard obscenities being shouted and the sound of objects being thrown against the walls in the two-room suite. A hotel staff member told American tabloid THE STAR, "Lara was crying hysterically and was totally out of control. She was screaming, 'I hate you Jack. I can't stand you. Don't you dare laugh at me'." The source adds that, as guards waited, Nicholson tried to calm Boyle, but without success, so she was finally asked to leave.

The insider continues, "She shouted, 'you can't throw me out, I'm Lara Flynn Boyle', but the guards, used to dealing with world leaders, were not impressed." A friend of the couple claims the row started when Nicholson, who has an on-off relationship with the TWIN PEAKS star, discovered she had returned jewellery he had bought her last Christmas (99) for cash.


Source: WENN