Date: 16th December 2000

Connery Teas Up New Role

SEAN CONNERY has tea-ed himself up for a new role in a German advert.

The former JAMES BOND actor is the frontman for TEE KANNE - a top brand of tea, in a country renowned for its love of beer. In the blockbuster-like advertisement, Connery dons the traditional secret agent gear - black roll-neck sweater and trousers - and sets off on a mission. En route he stops for a quick refreshment break, but after drinking from a bone china cup he spits out the fluid.

Movie makers quickly swap the brand for Tee Kanne, and reshoot the scene, where Connery should fight off a gang of terrorists. But in the second take Connery causes havoc again - this time because he enjoys the tea so much he forgets his lines. Then after a director screams out, "What's up?", Connery looks at his cup and remarks, "What a tea!"

The 30-second advertisement has been wowing TV audiences in Germany for the last two weeks. One advertising executive says, "This is very slick stuff, and they must have paid a fortune for his services." Tee Kanne and Connery's agent are keeping quiet about the fee, but it's thought to be hundreds of thousands of pounds (dollars).

As an international icon Connery is one of the most sought after stars for adverts, but rarely does he accept the offers.


Source: WENN



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