Date: 4th September 2000

Movie Reviews: Highlander IV: Endgame.

Miramax's decision not to screen Highlander IV: Endgame to critics appeared justified given the scathing reviews the film received from critics who saw the film with paying customers over the weekend. Jonathan Foreman in the New York Post summed up the film this way: "Shapeless, tedious, hopelessly bad sequel, bound to disappoint even the most devoted fans of the Highlander franchise."

Kevin Thomas in the Los Angeles Times commented that although the film "looks sensational," the script "makes no pretense about being logical or even comprehensible.'

But Elvis Mitchell in the New York Times paid the film this left-handed compliment: "
It's nice to see mindless violence back in a B picture, where it belongs, and the swordplay is impressive. When Highlander sticks to the hand-to-hand battles and doesn't try to offer deeper thoughts on the life of an immortal, it works on its own terms."

Source: Studio Briefing



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