Date: 15th December 2000

Paltrow's Stalker In Court

A man accused of stalking GWYNETH PALTROW has been sentenced to three years imprisonment in a maximum security psychiatric hospital.

According to a representative of the LOS ANGELES SUPERIOR COURT in California, DANTE SOIU followed the Oscar-winning actress, sent her threatening letters and even showed up on her parents' doorstep and was told by her mother, actress BLYTHE DANNER, to "go away and never come back".

Low-key proceedings began in the court of JUDGE ROBERT O'NEILL last Thursday (07DEC00), with prosecuting attorneys RHONDA SANDERS and JAMES BREWER and Soiu's defense lawyer ELLY SCHMEIR. Paltrow took the stand on Friday (08DEC00).

Soiu was arrested on 13 May (00), released the following day and re-arrested on 16 May(00). He is being held on $1 million (666,000) bail and being charged under the California Penal Code 646.9 for "stalking". T

he code states the defendant must represent a credible threat to the alleged victim's safety with interest to place her in fear of her safety, for maliciously following or harassing, and causing emotional distress. According to the court records, Soiu wrote to Paltrow, "God will punish you," and "If a man gives a women unconditional love she is blessed." (KL/WNV/RGS)

Source: WENN