Date: 12th December 2000

Charmed Producer Blasts The WB

The executive producer of the WB's Charmed, the network's second-highest-rated show (behind 7th Heaven) has complained bitterly about the show's treatment by the network.

"I'm frustrated by the lack of promos and publicity -- they don't promote us like they do ... Buffy, Angel or Dawson's Creek," Brad Kern told today's (Tuesday) New York Post. Kern also noted that his show has been able to succeed despite tough competition -- it airs opposite Will & Grace on NBC and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire on ABC.

A WB spokesman suggested that Kern's comments reflected the usual "jealousies between programs as to which one is getting the most favorable treatment." Regarding Charmed's success, the spokesman remarked that the network must be doing something right.

Source: Studio Briefing