Date: 12th December 2000

Depp Given Plastic Chocolate To Stay Slim

Director LASSE HALLSTROM had to stop his stars eating too much chocolate during the making of CHOCOLAT - for fears they'd get too fat by the end of shooting.

The new movie stars JOHNNY DEPP, JULIETTE BINOCHE and CARRIE-ANNE MOSS and centres on how the sweet treat affects a French town. But with truck loads of chocolate on the set, award-winning director Hallstrom had to take drastic measures to stop it all being eaten.

Speaking at the Los Angeles, California premiere last night (11DEC00), he explains, "Most of the chocolate was covered in dust, as we were shooting there for weeks and weeks and we never really bothered to dust it off. "We had plastic chocolate; 50 per cent of it was plastic and people couldn't really tell. People kept eating it anyway and so there were big teeth marks in the plastic chocolate, it was disgusting." (MB/WN/RGS)

Source: WENN



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