Date: 11th December 2000

Bobby's Support Helped Whitney Through Drugs Hell

WHITNEY HOUSTON has beaten her drugs hell - and it's all thanks to husband BOBBY BROWN.

The soul singer realised his wife needed help after he was released from jail in July (00) following a two-month sentence for parole violation, and he spent three months convincing a stubborn Whitney she needed help. A family friend says, "Bobby knew it was only a matter of time before something really tragic was going to happen. "Bobby went through their home and tossed out any drugs he found. "Whitney grew more and more irritable as her craving for cocaine and pot went unsatisfied and she yelled at Bobby, told him she couldn't do it, that he needed to get her some drugs.

But Bobby was strong and said no. As Whitney chain-smoked cigarettes and sweat poured off her forehead, Bobby sat with her and wiped off the perspiration. "Whitney called Bobby horrible names and blamed him for all the anguish she was enduring. Bobby cried, prayed for her, and took care of her needs." (KL/NE/NFA)

Source: WENN